How do I add team members?

AHA Heart Walk Agent -

There are a few ways that you can add members to your team.
The first thing to note is that team members will register the same way that you did - if you are the Coach, you can send them the customized URL for your team page.  From there, they can click "Join Team" to walk with you.
If you didn't create a customized URL, they'll follow these steps:
     1.  Click Register on the main Heart Walk Website
     2.  Select Join a Team 
     3.  Using the drop down menus that appear, search for the team and click Select or, if you know the team name, search for the team directly by clicking Search and then selecting the team from the list that appears.
     4.  Once a team is selected, follow the step by step instructions to register
If you'd like to recruit members to join your team, you can use the email templates that are provided for you!
Under the navigation at the top for your account, click "Send Email."  From this screen, you can add the email addresses you wish to invite to your team. You can select a template email from the drop down menu labeled "Choose A Sample Message." 
Select the email for Recruitment: Join My Team.
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